Selecting good domestic home cleaning services using the internet.

When considering the selection of a domestic or home cleaning service using the internet, it advisable to make a few considerations to avoid the following:

  • Being Overcharged
  • Having the cleaner take much longer than expected
  • Receiving a sub standard service
  • Being disappointed with the results
  • Having to re-negotiate the price with the business owner
  • Stressful situations

What to look for and do:

  1. Look to find a local rather than national service, where the local service goes by reputation. Select a local service that has at least one 5 star review on G00gle or MyLocalServices.
  2. Discuss with the cleaning manager about “capping” the allocated amount of time the cleaners are at the property. For example you can set a maximum amount of time the cleaners will be working. If they do not finish the job. You may decide to then reassess the likely additional time to add on to the job with the cleaning manager.
  3. Ask the cleaning company about the hourly rate and ways to negate VAT. Possibly cash payment or using payment portals such as Pay Pal.
  4. Do a “pre-clean” yourself to get the worst dirt removed. Then request a sparkle clean with the cleaning company.
  5. Ensure the cleaning service will inform the cleaners of the exact jobs required and break those jobs down in order of difficulty, maximum time and importance to you. This will ensure that the best work carried out is on those jobs deemed most important. Any smaller residual jobs could be carried out by family members or yourself possibly in order to mitigate over spend.
  6. Ensure that all areas requiring deep clean are tidy and surfaces free from items that will require moving for access etc, this will speed up the process for the cleaners. Having to move items to gain access or cover fragile surfaces will add time to the job! Such items are large pot plants, items on window sills, ornaments blocking access etc, glass surfaces, french polished surfaces, ceramic hob surfaces. If possible cover these fragile surfaces suitably to avoid damage and increase efficiency and any potential mishaps. The more access is available for the cleaners to move around freely and efficiently, the better.
  7. Watch for the language used on cleaning websites; such as “we are cheap”, “cheap, fast cleaning”; better to be aware of the language used on a website to avoid potential disappointment. The best signals to look for are “trusted”, “efficient”, “honest” etc..
  8. Look for at least one client review. Also be aware of the existing clients the business or company already work with, this can be a signal of a good existing working relationship.
  9. Ask for DBS registration. If the business owner and employees are DBS registered, this is a trust signal. Ask for an independent review from an existing domestic client who would not mind being contacted.
  10. Have your own spare folding steps and or a hoover etc available in case these are forgotten, or unexpectedly break during use. Unlikely, but having replacement equipment available can negate an unexpected event and facilitate efficient completion of the job due to unforeseen circumstances.
  11. Arrange parking for the cleaners. This can cut costs if you are in a city centre where parking is costly as these costs will be passed on to you. Having a low cost permit or private parking available will negate this charge.

Tips; Selecting Good Domestic Home Cleaning Services Using Internet
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