Reduce the need to clean mold and drive out damp preventing mold, especially around window frames.

The MET Office and other weather services are reporting that it is going to be a COLD WINTER, maybe one of the coldest for decades. Are you ready? Are you going to have warm rooms this winter?

Industry commentators estimate that with recent rises in energy prices it will cost UK residents on average £1,500 – £1,600 this winter on heating fuel bills.

Thousands are quickly changing to a much cheaper alternative to heat rooms in their homes. Saving hundreds of pounds and keeping them warm, wherever they go.

Introducing a well known but often (in the UK) untalked about mode of room heating, used by those who endure the hardest of winters. The heater in particular has been effectively and affordably heating rooms for many years, and only costing a fraction of the price of high-tech heaters as well as those from big brands.

The Candle Heater drives out moisture and expels damp air, relies on no electricity or gas. Heats effectively and heats for a time, even after candles extinguished.
The Candle Heater can be used inside, outside and is fully portable.

Many people in the UK suffer from having windows impacted by damp, condensation and so forth. This in turn can lead to green mold, black mold, frame rot, frame degradation and ensuing bug infestations in the worse case!

Do not be fooled by small mains powered heater adverts on the internet showing the “latest technology” in plug in heaters which have 10,000 word adverts, and apparent social media “reviews” to tell you how good and effective these cordless “ceramic” heaters are. Many have been reviewed in videos online and proven to have false claim after false claim.
The very fact they plug directly close up to the wall plug socket with no cord will tell you that claimed “air flow” (technology) is already compromised, amongst other false claims!

However you will know a candle can heat a metal, which can get very warm indeed!

It heats up any mid-sized room within a few minutes and is affordable enough to purchase multiples for any one space.

This Candle Heater can be used inside homes, boats, temporary outbuildings, on patios during summer evenings, it is so much more versatile, effective and energy efficient than a main heater, especially a mains heater without a cord!

Our goal was to have a low cost and low maintenance portable heater that is suitable for any home, office or living space. With no installation costs, no maintenance costs and it’s extremely energy efficient, the Candle Heater is an engineering marvel.
It’s better for the environment (using non toxic soya candles) and your wallet too.

This Candle Room Heater can be used inside houses, canal boats, outdoor garden offices/studios, on your decking at home during summer evenings to create a nice effect and radiate warmth. It is so much more versatile, effective and energy efficient than a mains powered heater, especially a mains heater without a plug cord!

This item could also be very useful for anybody with Rheumatoid Arthritis or an Arthritic condition as it will help to dry the air and provide a room with a dry heat, which can provide relief to arthritic sufferers and their joints.

Fight back against unfair and rising fuel bills in the form of Gas and Electricity. Consider purchasing your Candle Room Heater Today.

Reduce Damp Mold Heat Rooms
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