What is Garden and House Clearance?

Garden and House clearance is the activity of clearing up and discarding or recycling items, debris, and waste from a garden and or home or outdoor space. Whether it’s untidy gardens, leaves, plants, broken furniture, odd items; garden clearance is the act of restoring the area to its perfect pre clutter condition.

Some key takeaways with respect to garden or home clearance:

Types of Garden Waste:

Garden waste includes items such as hedge cuttings , wood, branches, garden furniture, grass clippings, weeds, tree leaves and even appliances like white goods and other odd items.

Different types of waste require specific handling and disposal methods, for example asbestos.

Factors Affecting Cost:
The cost of garden clearance depends on factors like the type and amount of waste, location, and the time required.
Quoted by hour or per load.

Average Costs in the UK:
On average, garden clearance costs around £TBC

Overgrown garden clearance may be priced per load, with an average cost of £TBC

Soil removal (via skip hire) typically costs around £TBC.

Professional Company Help vs DIY:

While tackling garden clearance yourself can be challenging, time-consuming, even risky at times, hiring an insured team of professional clearers can be a good solution for peace of mind.
Professionals can handle regular garden maintenance or one-off clearances after major clean-ups and they are insured for the task as well.
Garden and House clearance helps maintain a neat and tidy outdoor or indoor space free of clutter, making it more enjoyable for you in improving the overall appearance and feel of your property.

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